Monday, December 31, 2012


So I'm trying something a little new for the blog for the new year. I've done some product drawings for magazines as freelance work, but I realized it might be a nice way to link fashion and illustration, which is what this blog mostly focuses on. Here are some quick sketches of a few things I got for Christmas that have all quickly become my holiday necessities. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Final No. 1: Big/Little

One of my finals for this semester was to either take something large and make it very small or take something small and make it very large. I though I was being smart by making something small, smart also meaning lazy. But no. My masochistic tendencies came out once again and I dove head first into creating an entire mini dream office full of all my favorite things; mid century accents, Need Supply's Human Being Journal, a mini version of Jessica Hische's Type Rug and lots o' cacti. I really hate myself for doing this to myself (yes those are individual floor boards), but all in all I'm pretty siked about the outcome. Enjoy my misery!